Kindness and vulnerability

We went to the Victoria and Albert museum today to see the Pink Floyd exhibition. Before our entry time I walked around some of the free exhibitions and took some pictures in the spare hour that I had.

The Goddess Purneshvari. She is important of the Goddess of healing. She is worshipped by Buddhists and Hindus. She is seated on a lotus with the Hindu God Ganesh to her right.
Nyoirin Kannan. This is a Japanese form of bodhisattva. It is Japan’s most popular deity and is associated with the granting of wishes.
Bodhisattva Maitreya. “Maitreya” is derived from the sanskrit ‘maitre’ meaning loving kindness. He is thought to be the next Buddha on earth. Until then he is resident  Tushita. He is dressed in princely attire but some of his appearance suggests that of Buddhahood the raised hair knot (ushnisha) and forehead mark (urna).
Vertumnus was a nature god who could assume any shape, and is here shown wooing the nymph Pomona. He gained her presence by disguising himself as an old woman, and proceeded to plea his cause. When this failed, he revealed his true identity as a youthful god; he is shown here having just removed his mask.
Vertumnus and Pomona















Thetis dipping Achilles in the River Styx. Thetis, a sea nymph, dips her newborn son Achilles into the River Styx. The sacred waters should have protected him. But Achilles was killed when an arrow struck his heel the one part of his body that was left vulnerable.

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