Epping Forest

Today my husband and I and our two friends went to Epping Forest. We stopped at High Beach and took a two hour walk. Epping Forest covered the area of Epping in the north and Wanstead in the south. It is 19km long and 4 km wide. It lies on a ridge between the valley of the River Lea and Roding.

The weather was beautiful a little cloud, blue skies and lots of sunshine. Walking thorough the forest it is clear to see that it has a life of it’s own and seems to a certain extent to take care of itself. In the morning I drive through the forest every morning and every morning I wish I could get out, stop and take pictures. I got my wish today. It is truly one of the nicest times of the year to be walking through the forest. I love the colours, golds, yellows, browns with splashes of green. The ground mulching beneath our feet.



    1. It is quite small! It can be changed. I think at the time that I adjusted the settings, I quite liked the look. Yes there are many many orange leaves. It’s beautiful in the sunlight. I drive through the forest every morning on the way to work and it fills my heart with joy.


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